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Sound Belt

That "sound suits" is I can carry !?

"Oh.. they don't have sound system!"

"The audience is about people 10-20"

"I want sound effect in table-hopping!"



This is for you.”Sound Belt”!

Finally completed!

Wear the sound effects!

Koichi Takao Proudly Presents..."Sound Belt"

When you wear “Sound Belt”, you can make your own stage immediately!


Use your iPhone, iPod Touch.

Any timing, any sound effect upon your command.

Sound effects come from the belt.

Of course,Table-hopping !

Output volume is enough for the performance in noisy restaurant, street, conference room or small party! 


 * “Sound Belt” used in this movie is our previous version.

The iPhone control chip technology used in our “Sound Suit” and “Sound Sync” comes to become integrated with the small belt shaped amplifier speaker!

Wear like belt, or you can handle the sound effects by yourself!


Shape of the speaker is totally perfect!


So stylish when you wear it on your side!


Also comes with a headset microphone!!


So, you can use the sound effects while you speaking!


Use it as a training machine for “Sound Suit”.





 Sound belt

   body switch x12

   Split cable

   Headset microphone

   Illustrated Reference

   Instruction, demonstration movie URL

= Speaker size (approximately): 133 (W) × 96 (H) × 222 (D) mm (except the belt portion)


= Weight: 550g


= Maximum output: 10W


※ it needs AA battery × 6

※Built to order. Please allow 2weeks for delivery.

※Set not contains any iPhone, iPod Touch.

※ This product, please download our free APP "SOUND SYNC",

it works in conjunction with this app.

It is a free app, please try from the following URL.



More information on how to use this app, to the following URL



Question? see FAQ



About iPhone App "Sound Sync"


It's Apple's iPhone-based device for the app to Our products,Sound Suit,Sound Belt,receiver, Magic Sound Table and the Body switch of "Sound Sync series",


Even by itself, it is an application that functions as sampler.


but,it is then further extended,possible to connect our device to your iPhone,


Title : Sound Sync


Price : FREE



= System_requirements


   iOS4.0 or later

   iPhone 3GS or later

   iPod touch 4th Generation or laterand




more Function "Sound Sync PRO" for our sound devices.


More information on how to use this app, to the following URL









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