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Greetings !!


Hello, I'm Koichi Takao.

my developed products,

Introducing products to my Recommend!


Have fun !

Who's Koichi Takao ?

The actor debuted in '86.

Taking advantage of personality, television, stage, CM, etc., working in all media.

Appeared in many years TV drama with TBS from 1991.

In 2002, efforts to magic show that fused the play and magic, and start the Japan tour.

To produce a world of unique actor, and to expand it a magic show like no other.


In 2013, it honored the achievements of the magic world "Magician of the Year," and both won the "Japan Cup". To attract people in one-of-a-kind style.



What do us for work ?


Planning direction,production,management,box office for theater play, events, magic, show.


Coaching and various media cooperation to the stage, production,event, television and theme park ,


Development , manufacturing, sales of magic props. 


Development and sales of special effects devices for the event, Stage production.


Development , production, management, sales of various amusement robot,





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