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Sound Suit

I believe that this prop has the potential to revolutionize stage performances and sound effects. Just imagine.....


music that triggers magic, a door bell, crashing sounds, music for an entrance, thunder, a knock on a door…

Sound effects are necessary in many situations.

Up until now, for a sound effect to work, it was necessary for a performer to work closely with the sound operator or to move at the exact same timing every time when performing to a pre-recorded track.

Being a performer myself, I can attest that this is very stressful for a performer.

Moreover, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have a sound effect that matches an improvised movement.

Think back on the miserable times you wanted a sound effect but gave up because it was not possible to have one.

The Sound suit was devised as a step to solve these issues.

* Sound effects match the performer’s own timing, wireless, anywhere he wants.

* Switch are easy put on and release a jacket.

* WIRELESS ! the own timing anywhere he wants.

* No need to hold countless meetings with the sound operator.

* Uses our apps and your iPhone or iPod Touch, which produces CD quality sound effects.

* Install apps "Sound Sync" in your iPhone or iPod Touch , usable as a sampler at the same time.

* Import sounds edited on a computer via iPhone or iPod Touch.

* Abundant option

Thanks to this device, there is no need to hold countless meetings with the sound operator.

Have a cup of coffee instead with all the time that you are saving.

Can record sound effect only in your iPhone or iPod Touch. actors, dancers, magicians, pantomime performers, clowns....

Use spreads by your imagination endlessly!




  • You have NOTHING visible to hold. All sound effect triggers are totally hidden in your own costume !

  • Sound effects are completely under your control and happen EXACTLY when you want them to !

  • Wireless system so you can move around freely !

  • 12 Sound effect triggers that are easy to install in your own costume.
    (Also easily removed when you clean your costume.)

  • System transmits to the iPhone or iPod Touch (not included) so you get CD quality sound effects.

  • No need to hold countless meetings with sound operators since the sound effects are totally controlled by YOU !

  • Import sounds, or music, that you edit on your computer via a Compact Flash card. 
    (Store different shows on different cards !)

  • Built by a professional entertainer for professional entertainers.

  • Effects are limited only by your imagination !



  • Sound Suit TX Unit (61x18.5x100mm/200g without 2 alkaline AAA batteries)

  • Sound Suit RX Unit (100x160x38mm/300g)

  • Body switches x12

  • Split connector

  • EZ-SET UP lecture DVD

  • Sound effect samples

  • English User's manual

  • Carry case



*iPhone,iPod Touch not inculuded.

* Currently, in order production, we have delivered in about 2 weeks.

*This is only a set of sound suit.iPhone-based devices are not included.

*commentary demonstration video will be delivered from Youtube.

In addition, the sample sound source you can use to download from our server.


*This product, please download our Free Apps "SOUND SYNC",

It works in conjunction with this app.Because it is a free app, please try from the following URL.


More information on how to use this app, to the following URL

Question? see FAQ


About iPhone App "Sound Sync"


It's Apple's iPhone-based device for the app to Our products,

Sound Suit,Sound Belt,receiver, Magic Sound Table and the Body switch of "Sound Sync series",


Even by itself, it is an application that functions as sampler.

but,it is then further extended,possible to connect our device to your iPhone,


Title : Sound Sync
Price : FREE

   iOS4.0 or later

   iPhone 3GS or later 
   iPod touch 4th Generation or later




and more Function "Sound Sync PRO" for our sound devices.


More information on how to use this app, to the following URL




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