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Sound Suit TX Unit (61x18.5x100mm/200g without 2 alkaline AAA batteries)
Sound Suit RX Unit (100x160x38mm/300g)
Body switches x12
Split connector
EZ-SET UP lecture DVD
Sound effect samples
English User's manual
Carry case

*iPhone,iPod Touch not inculuded.

* Currently, in order production, we have delivered in about 2 weeks.

*This is only a set of sound suit.iPhone-based devices are not included.

*commentary demonstration video will be delivered from Youtube.
In addition, the sample sound source you can use to download from our server.

*Sound Suit works with our free App “SOUND SYNC”.
Please try free App “SOUND SYNC”.

More information on how to use this app, to the following URL

※Owner of the Sound Suit must sign confidentiality agreement.

Sound Suit v4.0 for iPhone

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