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To around 1987 and had been sold from the World of Wonder, Inc.,It is a power adapter of "Teddy RUXPIN".Memorable, Teddy RUXPIN.If you put the story cassette tape,expressively talk to me Teddy RUXPIN.But, it does not work in most or aging ...My Teddy RUXPIN did not work.So, where we were up the repaired article in the blog,Now comes the repair request from the world!Since you are using some of the motor, recommended it is alkaline battery.Failure position servo of failure are many,And the next most common is, "leakage" from the battery,its rust the battery terminals.So, this time, "enjoy the power adapter without the battery."Pretty niche products!Leak also without worry!Surprisingly high, not even need AA alkaline batteries.Currently, I repair of Teddy RUXPIN, I use this.= Set Contents   Teddy RUXPIN battery spacer   Power adapter 6V 2.8A margin

Ruxpin Battery Spacer for outlet

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